Monday, January 28, 2008

Middlington Index

Middlington Index

This is the table of contents for posts from my challenge hood, Middlington, and for links to other things Middlington related.

Middling (mid-dling) - 'mid -lən

1: of middle, medium, or moderate size, degree, or quality
2: mediocre second-rate
3: of, relating to, or being a middle class

thanks to Merriam Webster Online for that definition

Welcome to Middlington, a quiet little 'hood I cooked up with the intention of using it for some smaller challenges. I'd just gotten my new laptop up and running and while trying to convince the Holldums to behave and run decently on it, I dcided to put together another, smaller hood where I could run challenges not related to my legacy or to my on-hiatus story Empty Musings. And so Middlington was born.

Middlington uses Plasticbox's Middleground neighbourhood. It's base game compatible, has just an eensy weensy bit of CC, and -- like anything done by Plasticbox -- is totally awesome.

Right now things are still a bit rough here because right now I've only got one challenge posted. I still haven't decided what else I should link in here (custom content? challenge links? sim selves? downloads? who knows?)

Middlington Labels for the blog (because I have other stuff posted here too)

The Middlington Chapters in Order

Introducing.... Middlington! And sim-selves!
Introducing.... The First Challenge!
Chapter 1: Welcome to the Asylum!
Chapter 2: Modest and Supportive
Chapter 3: Another Day, Another Catastrophe
Chapter 4: Did Someone Mention Catastrophe?
Chapter 5: Hmmm... No Catastrophe Here
Chapter 6: Oh There's Some Catastrophe
Chapter 7: Lovin' and Hatin' the Catastrophe
Chapter 8: Moar Fire, Moar Catastrophe
Chapter 9: Finally, No Catastrophe
Chapter 10: The Final Push
Chapter 11: Not Quite Final
Chapter 12: Getting Close to Final
Chapter 13: The Home Stretch
Chapter 14: The Winner's Circle



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